Let’s just start this blog post stating that it’s Kyha writing this so I don’t have to type in third person the entire time. I know that we say every wedding is special but I truly mean it when I say it about this wedding and you’ll soon figure out why.

I met Sarah in Middle School, that’s almost 16 years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. Through Middle School and High School, Sarah figuratively and literally had my back. We went through six years of cheerleading together. I was a flyer and she was my backspot. You can imagine the bond that was built through those six years. She was my person. My best friend. Her family was my family, seriously. I can honesty say I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for the love her family showed me through all those years.

So when Sarah asked me to be a bridesmaid and photograph their wedding day, you can imagine how honored I felt! I can honestly say, it was doable and not stressful. But the main reason is because I have the best sidekick out of all sidekicks. Corey went above and beyond in capturing the moments that I got to sit back and be bridesmaid.

Enough about mine and Sarah’s relationship, because I love Kieran too!

Instead of it just being one day to celebrate Sarah and Kieran, we got an entire weekend. We went to Colorado on a Thursday and stayed at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort until Sunday. It was a celebration of their marriage but also a relaxing weekend.

Their entire wedding day was perfect.

Instead of a traditntal first look, Sarah and Kieran wanted to do something different and we loved it. They got engaged in Scotland and bought some scotch while they were there. They opened that scotch moments after seeing each other for the first time that day. It was a special moment just between the two of them.

You will notice from the photos that we had the most outstanding location to take their photos. Who doesn’t want a mountain in the background of their wedding photos?

I cried the entire time during their ceremony and Corey captured the photos.

The reception was so much fun! It was a dance party, with probably the best DJ we’ve ever experienced at a wedding.

Congratulations, McGuire’s! We love you guys!

  • Venue: Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Colorado
  • Beauty: Rollers & Rouge
  • Dress: Emma & Grace Bridal
  • Veil alterations: Couture Bridal Accessories
  • Flowers: Emma Lea Floral
  • DJ: Christian Thomas (bro_candy)