Chill. That is one word to describe this perfect wedding day. Bekah and James showed no signs of anxiousness, worry or frustration on the day of their wedding. Bekah showed up at the venue looking beautiful and I (Kyha) asked her who did her hair, it was that beautiful! Her exact words, “you’re going to hate me if I tell you.” She went to bed the night before with braids in her hair and woke up the next morning, took them out and put some hairspray in her hair. If that doesn’t describe a chill bride, we don’t know what does.

Bekah and James are a very outgoing couple. They love to explore. They love nature. They love people. They love Jesus. And they love each other. Their wedding day was perfectly focused around that. It was an outdoor ceremony near Mount Spokane at Mitcham’s Barn. Then we all went inside for the reception, on a crisp fall day cozied up by a wood burning fire. That didn’t stop the guest from dancing though!

For their first look, Bekah had the dream to go to the very top of Mount Spokane at the Vista House. We made it happen! Despite the 25 minute drive up that we did not factor in, this drive was well worth the photos. Everything else could wait. The top of Mount Spokane was honestly the ONLY location that would perfectly fit Bekah & James for their first look. They love to hike. So we hiked around a bit and they actually found the hardest way back down to the car. It helped that Bekah was wearing Birkenstocks.

We’ve had the great honor of being a part of Bekah & James’ relationship for a couple years now. Bekah used to intern with Corey at the church, Kyha mentored Bekah and we’ve had many hang out sessions with the four of us, investing into each other’s relationships and encouraging one another. We’ve watched Bekah & James start out from their first days of dating and mature so much as a couple along the way. It was fitting that Corey got to officiate their wedding, as we’ve been a part of their relationship since the beginning.

It was the best day. The best part was going home that night smelling like fire. We love “camp” fires!

Congratulations Vieira’s! We love you guys!