We love Robyn and Sam. There really isn’t much else to say.

But we can say, if you’ve ever been around Robyn or Sam, chances are you love them too! If you’ve never been around them, you should. They are two of the most loyal friends you could ever ask for. Robyn will make you laugh and Sam will be a servant to you. They are the perfect couple and compliment each other well. There’s no doubt that their marriage will be an example to many others.

Also, they are a really good looking couple and made our job really easy.

And again, shout out to Walter’s Fruit Ranch on Greenbluff. We showed up around sunset on a Friday night and technically they were closed. But they let us in to explore the property anyways. They were the real MVP’s of this photoshoot.

We are excited for their wedding this coming January. But in the meantime, enjoy these fun photos of them juggling apples, picking peaches and running through fields.