In the history of weddings ever, we don’t think there’s ever been a wedding with more details. One request that Angel had before the wedding was to be sure we took pictures of all the details so that she can remember them. There was never a problem with not having enough details to take photos of. The coolest part about all the details was that family members did it ALL. From the flowers all the way down to Angel’s and John’s wedding rings. This is a family of creative people that came together and made a dream wedding.

Angel and John were such a fun couple to be around. They had us laughing and smiling the whole time. Which gave off raw and real emotion from them. Their laughs were genuine and we believe they will have a happy marriage because of their humor!

All you can ever ask for in a bride and groom is someone that is a natural in front of the camera. Angel and John were naturals. Even though they claimed they never have photos taken together, they were like model status. Especially Angel! Her spunky and fun personality shines through the photos.

One last fun detail. The father and mother of the bride revamped an old camper trailer and made it so beautiful for the wedding day. This was the coolest hang out spot of all weddings, ever. We think they should start a company! Because we would buy one in a heart beat and take it on all our camping trips.

Enjoy this gorgeous wedding. We sure did.