This has got to be one of our favorite weddings yet. The whole day was centered around love, friendship and family. What more could you ask for in a wedding? It was very evident how much Andrew and Cortine love each other. It was very evident how great of friendships they both have and that they will last a life time. It was also evident how close the families were and how much they have supported each other throughout the years. Cortnie and Andrew got married on property that Cortnie’s dad purchased when she was younger and left for her and her sister when he passed away. The entire family worked together to get this property ready for the wedding day. Getting married on this property was always a dream of Cortnie’s,  it was amazing to see family and friends work together to make this day a dream come true for them.

It was beautiful down to every last detail. That’s also probably because Cortnie was so organized. And when we say organized, we mean like 75 Excel sheets of a minute by minute play of the day and where everything goes. Cortnie was probably the most relaxed bride, ever. It was a joy to be around her on her wedding day! That’s probably because she spent hours being prepared for this day. So brides, take note.

Just to give you a taste of how emotional and thoughtful the day was….Cortine’s grandma passed away just about a month before her wedding day. Talk about emotional and sad. But one of our favorite parts of the day was the mother of the bride, Jodie was wearing her mother’s dress that she bought to wear to the wedding. And she looked absolutely beautiful in it. But that’s what we mean when we say every single detail was thoughtful and that this family truly loves each other.

Andrew is probably one of those people that you could be around for hours and never get tired of. He is so happy and funny all the time. ALWAYS dancing and always making jokes. The first look was probably the longest time a bride has stood behind her groom until he turned around to see her. Andrew probably stood with his back to Cortnie for a good twenty minutes. But he danced. And then she danced. And then at once moment they were both “flossing”. Hilarious.

Take a look at this wedding and you will see how joyful and beautiful the day was. I mean, brick oven pizza. Can’t go wrong there.