We actually don’t do many portrait sessions but they are some of our favorites! Just us (or one of us) and the other person. Laughing and making jokes. Talking about life and sometimes some serious things about life. Ella contacted Kyha because she is getting ready to make a big change in life and wanted to capture her love for Spokane, home. Ella is talented in many ways. She’s a musician, has a servants heart and frankly is a natural in front of the camera. We are thankful we got to capture her in Spokane before she makes the move to California to chase her dreams. She is starting a new chapter in a couple weeks in San Dimas, California going to college at Life Pacific College and she will be receiving her bachelors in Worship Arts. We are proud of Ella and her desire to pursue her dreams and be obedient to what God is calling her to! We believe these photos capture the beauty of Spokane and the beauty of Ella. What’s your dreams? Are you chasing them?