This couple is really special to us. We first met Bekah and James a couple years ago as they attend the church we both work at. Kyha mentors Bekah and has been for a little over a year and we both mentor Bekah and James together as a couple. We don’t have down the mentoring perfectly, but spending time with these two is important and valuable to us. We’ve enjoyed spending time with them as we are learning a lot from them as well! They are such a cool couple. When they got engaged, we were so thrilled! This is something we knew was coming sometime soon and we are so excited to be a part of it….in more ways than one. We will be taking their wedding photos in September but they also asked Corey to be the officiant at their wedding. How special is that? We double as the photography team and the marrying team. Cool! Take a look at these engagement photos in the same location James proposed.